Craving Carmen Making Out With Stina

Carmen and her BFF are making out and it’s almost like some kind of sexy Spy vs. Spy cartoon since one is decked out in pure white and the other in sultry black. Black seems to have the upper hand but I don’t think White is going to surrender anytime soon. Looks like it’s going to be a long, hot night.

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Baking With Craving Carmen


Carmen’s birthday is coming soon so this fine piece of ass decided to bake herself a birthday cake. But of course with Carmen everything has to be a little dirty right? That’s why this sexy solo model decided to bake a penis shaped cake. Watch as Carmen shows off those amazing perky tits and her perfect little pussy as she bakes herself some cock cake. After the cake is done, Carmen has a little fun with it, pretending it’s a real cock. Wish she’d do that with mine..


No one does cake POV like Carmen does!


Carmen’s got skills, she can even make a cake cum on her face.


Carmen’s Perfect Naked Body


Craving Carmen is has one of the best looking body’s on the internent, and she’s not shy about showing it. Carmen loves being naked and if it was up to her, she would never wear clothes again! Now that’s a world I want to live in. Carmen loves talking to her members and is always doing live webcam shows for them. If you happen to catch one you can tell she hates to say goodbye and stalls for a bit. Click here if you want to see more of this amazing girl naked.

cravingcarmen-nakedgoddess-1 cravingcarmen-nakedgoddess-2

cravingcarmen-nakedgoddess-3 cravingcarmen-nakedgoddess-4

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of her perfect tiny pussy!


Craving Carmen Is Back

It’s been awhile since Craving Carmen has had full resolution picture’s on her site. But now Carmen is back and looking the best I think she’s ever looked! Carmen’s perky tits and tight round ass look great but her perfect pussy is just amazing. Here’s a few samples from her first high res set to go online!



Carmen’s tight pussy looks stunning with her toy inserted.


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Carmen’s Perfect Pussy On Webcam

The perfect pussy of Craving Carmen can be seen on her regular members camshows almost every single time. I love it when this super cute webcam girl bend’s over and shows her tight little pink pussy. Carmen does a couple of camshows every week and if you miss one download the archive of the show made available soon after! Click here to check out this perfect pussy!





3 New Zipsets From Carmen

Look’s like Carmen went zipset crazy for December, Merry Christmas to the Carmen addicts!

Carmen’s 1st new zipset is a Glass Dildo and Anal Beads video, and carmen isn’t shy at all with the close ups!



I can’t figure out which toy to be more jealous of!

Carmen’s 2nd new zipset is a Gagging Blowjob video with a nice facial at the end of it. Watch as Carmen shows off her well known oral skills on her friend’s cock, even gagging on it, gets a little messy!



Yes, that’s cum on her arm, it looks like it went all over her pretty face!

We must have been really good this year because Carmen’s 3rd new zipset is another blowjob video but with glasses on! Watch as Carmen goes down on her friend’s cock sucking and jerking him off till he cums all over her face!




Carmen loves cum on her face, she always says “Good Boy” when he finishes on her face!

These zipset’s are a definate must for any Craving Carmen Fan!

Carmen Cam shows

Carmen has always loved being on web cam, ever since she broke into the adult industry with her solo site, so it’s no surprise how much this girl gets on cam for her members. Click here to watch her live cam shows on her personal website CravingCarmen and the archive of past cam shows as well! Here’s some cap’s from one of Car men’s recent live cam shows.


oh look, bobbies!



Carmen loves her dido’s, pretty sure she has a huge collection.



This dido is extremely lucky getting to fuck that perfect pussy of Car men’s


such a cute smile!


Carmen Fucks Herself

Craving Carmen loves to show off her perfect pussy, and since Spunky made her rip her favorite jeans apart to show that pussy, Carmen decided might as well fuck herself the same way. Watch as Carmen pounds her pussy with her new big blue dildo starts off bent over on the stairs, pounding away on her tight pussy with a big blue dildo. This clip doesn’t do Carmen justice so you must join her site today and download the full video now.

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Cute Cam Girl

Craving Carmen is one of the cutest camgirl’s out there. Carmen loves doing camshows for her members several times a week. Carmen doesn’t hold back either, she shows off her perky tits and that amazing perfect pussy of hers! Which she has nicknamed “vee” I believe. If you ever miss one of Carmen’s camshows don’t worry, all of her camshows are archived on her site


Carmen’s perfect pussy.



Carmen is also known for her oral skills, you can see the real thing in her members area in HD!


Carmen loves all her members.